Add a Name to Your Ornament - Hand Stamped

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Add the name of your pet to your ornament.
- Hand Stamped
- Up to 8 Characters
- Listing is For Stamping Only, Ornaments Sold Separately
- This is for hand stamping a name on One Ornament

The letters are about 3/16 of an inch tall. The letters are stamped deeply so I only stamp the front side of the ornament because the impression can show a little on the back side. I stamp them as perfectly as possible, but they are done by hand so spacing may not be absolutely perfect but it adds character.

There may be a couple designs that are either too narrow or there just isn't enough space for an 8 character name. If your name does not fit I will let you know and we can figure something out. Maybe a smaller font can be used. Not all designs will have room to put the stamping in the center.