Anatomical Heart Badge Pull Reel, Nurse Badge Reel, Cardiac Nurse Badge Reel, ICU Nurse Badge Reel, ER Nurse Badge Reel, Nurse Gift

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Introducing our unique badge reel inspired by the anatomical structure of the heart in medicine!  🩺❤️ This one-of-a-kind design showcases the specialty of the healthcare profession, making it a perfect accessory for medical industry professionals, especially nurses and healthcare workers.

🔍 Key Features:

Unique Design: Our badge reel's design is inspired by the anatomical structure of the heart, symbolizing the dedication and care of healthcare professionals.
Convenient Attachment: The badge reel can be easily attached to uniforms, providing a convenient way to carry work credentials or keys.
Practical and Stylish: Not only does this product serve a practical purpose, but it also showcases an individual's professional identity and adds a touch of personality to their attire.
📐 Badge Reel Details:

Reel Diameter: 1.5"
Retractable Cord Length: 24"
Watermarks: Please note that watermarks will not be present on the finished product image.
🩺❤️ Enhance your professional image with our unique badge reel, designed for healthcare professionals who want to showcase their dedication and passion for their work.  Choose from our selection of colors and enjoy the convenience and style this badge reel brings to your everyday routine!