Cuddling Koala Wooden Puzzle Gifts for 2-person family

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❣️What buyers are saying:
"★★★★★ Purchased as a gift for a friend's Cuddling Koala Wooden Puzzle Gifts. She adores them! Good quality and smooth edges for baby."

A unique gift for baby shower, 1st birthday and Easter. This is sure to be a favorite piece for both play and display.

Durable and made to last. No paints or stains.

🌳 Note: As each piece of wood is unique in color and grain, individual pieces may vary from those in the photo, making each piece completely unique!

🌿 A child’s imagination is activated by these toys which are open-ended. Open-ended toys and materials can be used in many ways, inviting investigation and manipulation, fostering symbolic and complex play. The simplicity of wood encourages dramatic play and construction. Children engage in lacing, balancing, stacking, nesting and building their fine motor and gross motor skills.

🌿 Wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, so germs don’t stick around as much as they may on toys made of plastic, rubber, or other materials.

🌿 Environmentally friendly, long lasting and easily cared for, wooden toys will be based down from generation to generation.

🌳To clean: Wipe surface of the toy with a damp cloth, reapply food grade oil to seal and reveal the woods natural shine. Do not soak. Do not use soap.

Children should be supervised when using our toys.