Custom Family Love Necklace For Mom/DaD/Nana

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Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing."

Mother's Love Necklace. gorgeous appearance and stylish details. the circle and the heart-shaped design. expresses infinite love for the child's mother. Sparkling diamonds have always been a woman's favorite. with custom exquisite beads. it can customize up to 6 beads. each bead can be engraved with the names of lover and children. also inlaid with a colorful birthstone representing the month of children's birth. Amazing. mother's best gift!

Creative DAD Round Necklace. exquisite DAD pendant carved with fashionable Celtic knot pattern. and the round design symbolizes infinite love for father. unique design and the small custom beads can be inlaid with a birthstone and engraved with a family name. up to 6 beads can be customized. Amazing! Family gift means a lot to father. he will love it! Buy now!

Chain Length: 16". 18". 20". 22"
Color: Silver. Gold. Rose Gold

It features:
1-6 custom beads
1 inscription per bead
1 birthstone per bead
Silver. Gold. Rose gold for you to choose from.
Chain design. will not break for years
High quality materials. never faded.

Each color of birthstone represents a birth month: