Handmade Heart Flower Mom Shadow Box with Kids Names

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This shadow box is the perfect gift for a mom, grandma, or special person in your life. Whether it's Mother's Day, a wedding gift, an anniversary gift, housewarming, or any holiday or special day, she is bound to love this box. Colors are completely customizable; choose her favorite color, match colors to a wedding bouquet, or match your home decor colors! Permanent vinyl on the glass of the box can show "Mom" and "Grandma," which have layered names over the top for kids names, couples' names, etc.

This is perfect for your entryway, living room, kitchen, or dining room to add a bit of color and a unique look to your home decor. It also makes a great gift for the person who is getting married, celebrating an anniversary, or looking for a special decor piece.

♥Perfect unique gifts♥ Perfect as a simple gesture, it suits all age groups. It is the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.