Personalised Family Birth Flowers

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Beautiful, delicate, hand painted wooden ‘Flowers of the Year’ telling your stories in flowers.

Just like birthstones, each month has a different flower.
Tell the story of your family, friends, relationships and life events through flowers to give a gift that is truly meaningful and individual.

The delicate, laser-cut wooden flowers are beautifully hand-painted and personalised, creating unique gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother's Day and much more. A perfect fifth wedding anniversary gift of wood!

Height varies for each flower stem, from the Snowdrop at 10cm tall, to the Holly 15cm tall.

Our hand drawn and laser cut flower stems are individually hand painted making each of them a little more special. They are created and painted in-house in our sunny studio by the sea in Lancashire from FSC certified and responsibly sourced plywood. Packaged and sent in fully recyclable card and paper. Wooden flowers are kind to our environment and keep on blooming!Our hand drawn and laser cut flower stems are individually hand painted making each of them a little more special.

  • JANUARY - Snowdrop, for hope and rebirth
  • FEBRUARY - Viola, for faith
  • MARCH - Daffodil, for creativity and inspiration
  • APRIL - Bluebell, for gratitude
  • MAY - Lily of the Valley, for purity & happiness
  • JUNE - Forget me Not, representing a connection that lasts through time
  • JULY - Larkspur, for a pure heart
  • AUGUST - Poppy, peace & remembrance
  • SEPTEMBER - Aster, the flower of love & wisdom
  • OCTOBER - Oak & Acorn, representing strength
  • NOVEMBER - Winter Jasmine, brings respect & beauty
  • DECEMBER - Holly, for fertility & eternal life
Our beautiful hand painted wooden ‘Flowers of the Year’ with the month for each flower engraved along the flower stem.

A delightful keepsake gift to capture families, friendships and life’s special events through flowers that represent each month of the year. Standing proudly in their own wooden Flower Box, with options to personalise with your own engraved messages.

Select flowers based on their meanings as well as their birth months, letting you tell and record your stories forever.