Personalised Flower Balloon Box Valentines gift

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This flower arrangement makes the perfect gift for Valentine's gifts!

Our stunning luxury flower hat box comes standard with red foam roses and red heart mini balloons. Available in a wide range of box colors with added diamanté or Pearl ribbon and rose pins.

Sizes of the box (not including flowers):
Medium - Dia: 17.2 x H: 13cm

Balloon size approx 24” diameter

Custom yours in the ‘personalization box’.

- Personalised message on the box
- Custom Photo
- Add your fav song

Message on the balloon: Happy Valentines Day in White vinyl

How long does the bubble balloon last?
These are air-filled and should be kept at room temperature. The bubble balloon adjusts to the room temperature so if it’s colder, it will shrink slightly or if the room is warmer it will expand slightly. These can last up to a month or longer as long as it’s kept away from direct sunlight, windows, fans, and heaters.