Personalized leather keychain, leather initial keychain personalized, key chain customized leather keychain for women, men leather key fob

$15.99 USD

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✦ It's not a keychain reinvented. But it's a great one.
The construction has no point of failure, and it's ready to serve. Infinite service guarantee.
Just don't ever lose those keys, please!

✦ From the gifting point of view, it's just just the right little touch to make someone feel special.
I think in life we need instruments to share warmth, love and positive vibrations.
There are plenty of ways to do that.
I'm just offering one more. The one that's gonna last forever.

The distressed nature allows it to age beautifully, basically writing down the life story of it's owner.

You are in the maker's shop. All products are cut and sewn from the very scratch. Name, monogram, quote is fire-branded.
You receive an object made with warmth and personal care, coming from a small studio, where people laugh, joke, and listen to the good music. Some totally different energy than bulk ordered, mass produced stuff.