Personalized multiple photos Heart Photo Frame Gifts For Love

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Photo Collage Heart Shape With Light decorative pendant, the perfect gift pendant for couples on their first wedding anniversary or on any special occasion. This unique and personalized gift is a combination of love and art, designed to be a beautiful addition to any room.

Sizes and How Many Photos In Collage:
- S size (8.85  x 7.87 Inches) (22.5 cm x 20 cm) - 5 Photos
- M size (14.37  x 12.6 Inches) (36.5 cm x 32 cm) - 23 Photos or 25 Photos
- L size (17.7  x 14.96 Inches) (45 cm x 38 cm) - 23 Photos or 25 Photos
- XL size (25.2 x 18.9 Inches) (64 cm x 48 cm) - 45 Photos or 63 Photos

Please Note: The photos uploaded when ordering are sorted separately by us according to the resolution and dimensions of your photos. Therefore, the order of photographs on the product is shaped according to the most appropriate frame on the panel.